Friday, August 6, 2010

Anniversay date approaching

It has been a while since I have posted anything. I believe that is a sign of healing for me. Journaling has been a great outlet ---it has given me a place to write my deep heart felt feelings. It seemed many times as I would spill out the pain I was feeling, God would pull up a chair and sit right beside me and end up bring a peace to my heart----will I ever go back and read those first entries---maybe some day just to see all what God did for me. But as the anniversary date of Taylor's accident is staring me in the face, I am finding it very difficult to focus on anything but that. Yesterday, I was thinking back to a year ago, and was remembering how happy he was walking in the door that evening. He had just gotten home from college and was now on a two week summer break----he could not have been any happier. He quickly discarded his book bag in a corner, which he never touched again. He talked with me a little bit, but mostly was in a hurry to get on with life and see some of his friends that he had not seen for awhile. Life to him at that moment could not have gotten any better---he was happy, young, carefree. I just keep thinking, he only had nine days left to life, but at that time he had no clue. He did not know that when he walked out of his class room that afternoon he would never be back. I had to think, in my eyes and I am sure in his eyes, I thought he was at the beginning of his life line, but in all reality he was in his eleventh hour. It once again, makes me think life here on earth is so very uncertain---in one second everything we thought that was normal, was now gone and we had to find a new normal to life with---one we are still trying to get use too----nothing will ever be the same again.
One of his friends came over a couple of weeks ago and asked if it would be ok to do something in his memory on the 16th. She took alot of pictures of Taylor and is going to make a slide show to be shown that evening. She is planning first to meet at the cemetery to remember him with letting off balloons. It has truly touched my heart how his friends have not forgotten Taylor but has done special things in his memory through out this year.
I sometimes can hardly believe it has been a year--but in other ways it seems so very long since i have seen or laughed with him. This last week and I am sure the next two weeks will be ones filled with memories. As I think back to the week of his accident and the days to follow, I once again see God's Grace. Sometimes, when I let my mind go back to each horrible moment, my body will start to shake and i wonder just how did I make it through-----but my next thought is, I didn't, it was God carrying me. I have seen over and over again, God will give Grace just for that day and just enough for that situation. I know this next couple of weeks is going to be hard, especially the days of his death, viewing, and funeral, but on those days, I know God will be there right beside me with His Amazing Grace. God has walked with me every step of this journey, so I trust He will continue to do that.
We are doing a bible study on "God as He longs for you to see Him" by Chip Ingram. It is about God's character traits---His Goodness, Sovereignty, Holiness, Wisdom, Justice, Love and Faithfulness. We were studying His Sovereignty this week. God's timing is so perfect. Chip said in his book something I have hung onto since the day it happened "Nothing will enter your life that God does not either decree or allow. And nothing will ever enter your life that,---if you are willing to trust in Him---He can not work out for your good". That thought has brought peace to my heart many times----in God's eyes it was no accident and He promises to bring good out of it. As horrible and painful as it all is, I took some time and tried to think what good came out of it. There were a few that came to mind rather quickly----First and for most, some saw how quickly life can change, and gave their heart's to Jesus, some rededicated their lives to Jesus----My relationship with Jesus went to a completely different level---it felt like I was in the middle of the ocean and drowning, Jesus threw me a life line to hang onto to keep me from going under, I met some really great people which developed into a very good friendships. God's sovereignty can mean we have a sense of peace and trust because God is in complete control of every situation and nothing in His eyes will ever be spinning out of control.
If you happen to be reading this, please pray extra hard for each of us these next couple of weeks as we approach the anniversary date. God hears each and every prayer---and prayer is very powerful-----i have felt the many prayers----thank you from the depths of my heart---

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  1. Our dear Debbie, Jeff, Brooke and Spencer,
    I have been so blessed by the detailed sharing of your spiritual journey. You'll never know how many times you have inspired and caused me to refocus on the eternal.
    Reading your blog has given me a whole new level of empathy and compassion for the enormity of your loss. The fact that every aspect of your life and living seems to remind you of your dear son is so obvious. Although each memory may be a very positive memory, the stark reminders of his absence from this world must be incredibly painful.
    Please know how much we love you, pray for you and trust God to work all things together for good...Romans 8:28.
    I have to tell you that it was so much fun watching Spencer work the crowd at Gateway as Jeff was auctioneering. He is so delightful with his excitement and his trademark smile.
    God bless Brooke as she prepares to start another year of mentoring and molding youth more and more in the image of her Lord.
    Numbers 6:24-26
    Randy Gasser