Friday, October 23, 2009


Some have told me they have tried to make comments, but they can't get it to post. I know it is alittle tricky. One would think all you needed to do was hit the post. Brooke showed me what you need to do, if you want to comment. You go to google, then go to the right side and create an account---just use your e-mail address if you want, then go to the blog and go to the upper right hand corner and sign in. Then write your comment and hit the drop down arrow and hit google and it should send.
Comments are good----they are encouragements to me----even to say, you are still praying for us---in fact that is the very best thing you can do for us----Thank you for praying!!


  1. I guess that's why I haven't posted any comments, Deb. I just don't know what to say. I think of you all every day and check your blog several times a day watching for your next entry. I know I can't make this tragedy go away but you're always in my prayers.

  2. Reading Isaiah:46 sounds emotionally uplifting. I have experienced emotional pain and I agree there is nothing you can do to ease the pain. Time will help make it less severe but it will always be there to some degree. I pray for you, Spence,Brook and Jeff everyday. I know it is hard and my heart aches along with yours

  3. Dear Deb - It has been so inspiring (and heartwrenching)to hear you share your thoughts and experiences as the days pass by.
    Praise God that you are Praising God and finding your strenghth and comfort in His Word!
    We Love You and pray for your family always,
    And So Does JESUS!!
    PS -I am so technology challenged - don't know if this will come to you... thanks for the tutoring!

  4. LaRae, yes I got your comment and thank you for taking the time to write. Also thank you for your prayers, that is what gets us through the day.

  5. Deb,

    I can see how difficult it must be for you to come to Smithville church and what a trial that would be on a Sunday morning. You are a precious part of God's family and we trust that little by little God will replace the bad memories with the good. I pray that you will only see and feel our love for you in the future when you come in those doors!

    We are praying for you all.
    Mike & Susie