Thursday, October 15, 2009

Two Months Ago Today

It was two months ago today that Taylor had his accident. It seems like we have been in this horror forever. I was getting groceries today and three different people stopped and talked with me. It is so encouraging to hear them say they are praying for us and and think of us often. I know everybody's lives move on and there are new concerns and things to pray about. It always touches my heart when I look into people's eyes and truly see that they care for us deeply and are grieving with us and it is just not words. I thank every one of you from the bottom of my heart that are reading this and praying for us daily. As I opened the newspaper yesterday, I seen a 16 year old boy was killed in a car accident. I could just relive those terrible moments just like they were mine own again. I could feel their horror and pain, so with God's help I wrote them a letter. I do not know if they believe in God or not, but I said the only thing that kept us from collasping from overwhelming shock and horror was God and we are hanging on to Him with both hands every day since.
Bev came over yesterday to give Brooke her birthday present, then she also gave us two CD's to listen to. As i was driving to the Rec center today, I thought I would play one in the car. One song really got my attention. It was talking about two people that had a very close relationship and one was dying. The one that died(I was thinking of Taylor) was now in heaven. He (Taylor) was telling the other one (me) that he is waiting for me on the far side banks of Jordon---as he is waiting for me, he is drawing pictures in the sand (well knowing Taylor he would get bored with that), but anyway, when he sees me coming, he will rise up with a shout and come running through the shallow waters reaching for my hand. I could just picture it all in my mind. It just made me smile. As I thought about this, I have realized that everything---and I mean Things---has lost all importance. My heart's desire is having myself and my family in Heaven---to have our family circle once again complete, but this time in Heaven. Please continue to pray for us----God has been very faithful and been my constant companion. I am thankful that He has given me a very strong Christian family and many, many strong Christian friends to lean on and cry on their shoulder's if need be many times-----Thank you Jesus--I praise your High and Holy Name.

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