Saturday, October 17, 2009

New Friends

Saturdays are usually rather sad days, but today was different. God brought some one into our lives that we can talk and relate with and become friends with. They also lost their 18 year old son in an accident in May. As I am sure some will know them, or at least will have heard their story, so as you are praying for us, please remember to pray for them also. They are Rick and Denise Plummer. Diane and Max had us all for dinner----Max worked really hard smoking his meat----it was delicious--Thanks Max. It helped us to hear their story and how God got them through that terrible tragedy and how they are working through their grief now. God is so faithful. If you don't know their story, I will tell you a little about it. Their son Nathan had graduate from High School on Sunday and was on his motorcycle going to work on Monday morning when he was killed. They had his graduation party all planned for the next Saturday night, but instead of the pictures going to his party, they went to his viewing. Again, it shows how we make plans, but God is in control of our every breath. God did provide them with lots of memories of graduation day through pictures. They had taken lots of pictures with family and friends----I hope they enjoyed the evening as much as we did. It was nice to talk with someone that knows what we are going through. No, we may not be able to relate exactly to what each of us are feeling, since each of us grieve differently, but it was good to talk to somebody that has been through the same experience as us. God is faithful, He does provide for all our needs, even when we are not sure what they are.

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